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       2011-08-08 16.15.24They have chosen animals and rejected human being. This is the main message coming from the text. The story occur when Jesus arrive in the territory of Gadara, in the other side of the lake Galilee. In this region, peoples used to live with two mad men. These two men had demons in them. That spirit made them violent and cause peoples in the village to live in fear. The gospel of Luke tels us something about these men. They use to walk without clothes and would not stay at home. They spent their times in the burial grounds (cemetry). Mark adds an other information, saying that the demons caused them to be violent with one another and also with themselves. They used to harm their own bodies. This is the context of the story. Jesus came here to do something for these peoples because he did not like to see human being treated like animals. But now, let's see what Jesus did for these persons.

        Usually, in the spiritual life, when the Spirit of God enters, his presence disturbs the devil. This is what happened when Jesus came to Gadara. He disturbed the devil. “What do you want with us, you Son of God? Are you come to punish us before the right time?” They could not bear the presence of Jesus. The mission of Jesus is to deliver human being, to promote human dignity. The spirit of the devil is to destroy human being. Jesus, with his word, commanded the devil and the devil stormed away. Human beings have been created to serve, to respect and to worship the Lord. If something does not make us free to do what we have been created to do, we have to through it out in the name of Jesus. The word of Jesus is powerful against the devil. We have to fight the devil, and all things which reduce human beings to the level of animals. We have to fight with Jesus, against misery in the world, against baby trafficking, against abortion, against prostitution, against corruption, against ignorance, by transmitting knowledge, against religious intolerance through dialogue. We have to promote with Jesus, human dignity. Promoting human beings is, to consider one another like your brothers and sisters, like sons and daughters of God. We are all sons of God and we have rights and responsibilities. But the fight for justice, for equity and human dignity will not just happen without persecutions and oppositions.

        At the end of the text, Matthiew says that peoples from the village begged Jesus to leave their territory. This attitude shows that they are not happy to see the two men free. They prefer their pigs to their brothers. These kind of peoples do not need the presence of Jesus. They just want to stay with their misconception of right and wrong. Jesus is not welcome because they do not want any change. They are afraid of Jesus. This happens in our society when we start to fight against corruption and other social diseases. Our society suffers from moral and spiritual diseases. Peoples of our society, like in Gadara, reject God in their lives. Certain persons do not want any changes because of their interest. We prefer money to human being, we prefer honor and glory to humility and selfless love, we failed to recognize the dignity of human person, created in God's image. Money becomes our master and we serve it, even as a god. But the Bible tells us today that the power of Jesus is bigger than this evil spirit of materialism. All the Gospel is resume in “Love God and love one another who is your brother”. Jesus shed his blood to show us how to respect and love God, and how to respect and love our bothers and sisters. This is the way of life, the true life. Jesus said “I'm the Way, the Truth and the Life”. May Jesus be bless in his name, in his word and in his blood for ever and ever.


PITTI Djida Alain sj.

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