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Adoration in the Blessed Sacrament

Frère Celestin Ngoura SM

Frère Celestin Ngoura SM

The spiritual formation that we receive here at the novitiate helps us to come closer to God and to holiness on a daily basis. We thus receive a spiritual program that brings us within us, which brings us to the encounter with God, a time to enter into intimacy with God. In this program we have adoration to the Blessed Sacrament every Thursday, during the recollection period and also during the spiritual retreats. We may ask ourselves this question: Why Eucharistic adoration?
Eucharistic adoration is a prayer, an intimate dialogue with Jesus truly present under the appearance of the consecrated bread (the Blessed Sacrament). It is an encounter face to face with Christ. "I look at him, and he look at me," replied simply a parishioner of the holy Cure of Ars, who questioned him about his numerous and long periods of adoration. And I would say, as a consequence of this parishioner that besides the fact that he gives me and that he returns it, I listen to him and he listens to me; I dialogue with him and he interacts with me.
The time of worship that I have in the presence of the Lord is a propitious time to listen, to dialogue with Jesus in the silence of prayer. I discuss with him as my best friend in whom I trust and who know my strength and weaknesses. That's why I do not need too many big words to talk to him rather just marvel at him, because he already knows everything about me. I must thus converse with him in silence and calmness and listen to him.
What I need to know is that there is no prescribed technique for adoring the Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament. Each time I enter into adoration:
1. I try to become aware of Jesus real presence in the Eucharistic species. I renew my Faith to him.
2. I thank him for his great humility to assume my sinful condition.
3. I see this time as a spiritual conversation with Christ, a moment when I feel renew in his presence.
4. I to remain in His presence for as long as I like, in an attitude of prayer and silent adoration.
5. It is for my advantage that I am in the Presence of Christ to ask Him to mold me in his likeness. 
In the silence of my prayer God speaks to me. In the silence of my worship, God acts in me. In the silence of my adoration, God fulfills His will in me. Yes Lord, that thy will be done, I open my heart to thy love.


Frère Celestin Ngoura SM

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