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Florence Kanini

Florence Kanini


Love manifestation, silent but sound
Ever a guardian beside me
No pay, no recompense
Secured I am, walking presence
Night and day, shall I sin his glory.
Watched, really looked after
Any danger avoidable
Wolves tormented and send into grand silence
Fear defeated, strength gained
Freedom, loves pure fruit.
Guardianship, invisible
Power and glory manifested
Compassion concealed
But wholly experienced in faith
Hope, true the fruit of faith.
They are guardian angels
Wholly present and ready
Obedient to the will of the Father
Determined, seen in success
Cooperation, fruit of being true children.
O my guardian Angel
Blessed be you, for your patience with me
Much have you witnessed in my life
Beside me ever in good, in evil, scandalized you are
Your company gives me strength, thus I feel free.
I am never alone, always someone is beside me
I shall not be afraid, for he who created me protects me
The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want
Alone, can never fail, He has love eternal
In, with and through him, shall live eternally.

Hrn Florence Kanini, Celadoras del Reinado del Corazón de Jesús.

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